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Arcturus – Deamonpainter

Arcturus is a Norwegian avant-garde black metal band formed in 1991. Their name, which means “Bear Guardian”, references the Behenian fixed star Arcturus.

Walking among shadows
Shady characters of faded cast
Acting out their last role
Beautiful lonely stars
These are my people
These fallen stars
You may think you see us
You never had a part
Flickering performance
On a burning stage
In naked daylight
For you to hate
Directing the audience
I paint in tones of gray
In shades of black
In cold dismay
I paint my deamons
As scars of blood
In a barren landscape
Where all is lost

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All Songs The Kovenant

Covenant – The Sulphur Feast

The Kovenant is a Norwegian industrial metal band from Hamar. The band originally formed as a symphonic black metal act known as Covenant in 1993, but in 1999 were forced to change their name to The Kovenant due to a dispute with a Swedish electronic band of the same name.

Thirsting, Waiting… – I Drank A Sulphur Feast.
Then, Silently… In An Instant. Your Flesh Become Me
…And I Was Forlorn.

My Grave Rose To The West…
For Centuries Long Forgotten,
Relentless As The Hungry Gates Of Dawn.
And There, Amidst The Rubble…
Of Stones And Earthly Flesh,
…I Laughed And Served A Sulphur Feast.

And Still It Haunts Me…
Drunk, With Power…
I Striked At The Sun,
…Engulfed, Fiery Instant
I Devoured The Stars,
My Universe Torn Asunder.

Then, As Dusk Unravelled…
The Brittle Of My Bones,
…A Shredded Mold Of Obelisks Groutesque.
I Stive Beneath The Essence…
Derived From Mortal Men,
…Caught Between Two Paralells Of Death.

Thirsting, Waiting…- I Sailed A Sulphur Sea,
…Of Putrid Furious Flesh – A Parody Of Feasting Fools…
Where Prophets And Madmen- …Walk Hand In Hand.

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