Barathrum Song Lyrics

Barathrum – Last Day In Heaven

Barathrum is a Finnish black-doom metal band, formed in 1990. The band’s name is Latin for pit or abyss. The first letters of their eight full-length albums spell “HEIL SOVA” – referring to the band’s frontman, Demonos Sova, who is the only original member of the band.

One hundred of Satan’s angels,
Somehow they lost to the heaven
And what a helluva party,
They had over there
Two hundred skin winged demons,
They made an invasion to the gates
Gates left golden dust behind them,
After they were rumbling down
And sixty devilish creatures,
Attacked against the walls
And those walls of the Heaven,
Were crushed by their force
Fifty dark minded beasts,
With their wings of steel
They made a raid to the temple,
And it’s tower of the gold

Another fifty steel winged ones,
They landed on the yard
On the yard of that temple,
They massacred angels of God
One hundred warriors of Lucifer,
They brought the fire with them
And they made storm of fire,
That blew over paradise
And behold, one hundred and six,
Monsters from the inferno
They brought the nuclear destruction,
That devastated The Holy Realm
The legions of the Hell,
Attacked to the Heaven
There were no survivors,
After this invasion from the Hell

Dreams turned to nightmares
Heaven changed to Hell
Light turned to dark
White changed to black
Good turned to evil
Green changed to red
Colors of the heaven
Changed to negative

Last day in heaven…!

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