Arcturus Song Lyrics

Arcturus – Moonshine Delirium

Third night in flight,
My body says no but my mind says go

~ Remember Kids, Sharing is Caring ~
Arcturus is a Norwegian avant-garde black metal band formed in 1991. Their name, which means “Bear Guardian”, references the Behenian fixed star Arcturus.

Third night in flight
My body says no but my mind says go
Moonshine delirium what is that lurking behind the curtain
There at an instant then gone with a flash
Defeating all resistance something there I can not grasp
There is no tomorrow gone beyond sorrow under a sheltering mask
Hail to you thousand faced all trapped in the haze
Dandies bandits tramps and champs
Beloved freaks and cheeky sneaks
Homeless heroes without dineros
Vampire-fools and exotic ghouls
Mongoshitfacedtabletwisters salut!
And open chure

I know there exists a good quality live video of this track, but sadly I couldn’t locate one on the web, so no live video at the moment.

~ Remember Kids, Sharing is Caring ~

By Aleksi

A Finnish Metalhead.