Barathrum Song Lyrics

Barathrum – Hellspawn

Dark dungeon underground, Chained up to the wall, Grim killer, Satan’s son

~ Remember Kids, Sharing is Caring ~
Barathrum is a Finnish black-doom metal band, formed in 1990. The band’s name is Latin for pit or abyss. The first letters of their eight full-length albums spell “HEIL SOVA” – referring to the band’s frontman, Demonos Sova, who is the only original member of the band.

In the cellar it’s dark
Locked up
So cold
Beaten up
Prisoned by psychopath

Dark dungeon underground
Chained up to the wall
Grim killer, Satan’s son


Hostages scared to death
Blasphemic torture ritual
Wounds form pentagrams
Drawn by the knife

Sadist without masochist
Celebration in blood
Ecstasy overload

They welter in their own excrement
Mixed with their own blood
Pleasures of the violence
Creating orgasm

Hear the bell of doom
They will die soon
Dignity. It’s gone


Around the corner
Death is smiling tortured
Preacher, wounded rabbi
Faith is lost
Cries of pain

Final blessing
Bleeding vein
Brutal violence
Chains and blades
Gaunt imaam
Swollen face

Raped by hog
Straight up the ass
Not so pure anymore


~ Remember Kids, Sharing is Caring ~

By Aleksi

A Finnish Metalhead.