My name is Aleksi, and this – well this is my website. A virtual hub of randomness.

I am a 32yo guy from Finland, dabbling in my spare time among other things in photography, video, music, and coding.

The website is currently undergoing heavy reconstruction, so be sure to check up on my progress regularly!



What I’m currently up to

I am currently building a new, bigger and better site (I hope) to replace my old website. I hope these completely redesigned pages will serve you with more interesting content as well, since I am now trying to bring all my content under “one roof”.

I’m also trying to start something new, a blog of sorts, right here on this site. Now, I’m not much a blogger – so this might turn out to be a strange kind of online diary. Or the whole thing might die and wither away fast. 😛 Time will tell.

My future plans also include publishing some of my photos here, and perhaps videos as well.  But right now, I am still building the actual pages and improving their basic functionality. Next, I am planning on making the website bilingual, and serve all content in both English and Finnish.