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Sabaton – Attack Of The Dead Men

Sabaton is a Swedish heavy metal band from Falun, active since 1999. Most of their songs are written about historical events such as war or heroism.

Turmoil at the front
Wilhelms forces on the hunt
There’s a thunder in the east
It’s an attack of the deceased
They’ve been facing poison gas
7000 charge en masse
Turn the tide of the attack
And force the enemy to turn back

And that’s when the dead men are marching again

Osowiec then and again
Attack of the dead, hundred men
Facing the lead once again
Hundred men
Charge again
Die again

Two combatants spar
Hindenburg against the Tsar
Move in 12 battalions large
Into a Russian counter-charge
They’ll be fighting for their lives
As their enemy revives
Russians won’t surrender, no
Striking fear into their foe

Music: Brodén / Sundström / Lyrics: Brodén

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