’tis photography

The contents of the photo galleries is a work in progress. Until I’m done, sometimes something may be added, other times something may get deleted.

The Seaside

The lights in the harbor
Don't shine for me
I'm like a lost ship adrift on the sea

The sea of heartbreak


Country boy
You're lucky free
Country boy
I wish I was you
and you was me

In the Moonlight

We get it on most every night
When that moon gets big and bright
It's supernatural delight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight

In Times Past

Just little bits of history repeating
And I've seen it before
And I'll see it again
Yes I've seen it before
Just little bits of history repeating


Neon lights
Shimmering neon lights
And at the fall of night
This city's made of light


It's an illusion
Try, try, try, and you will only come
To this conclusion

Critters big and small

Geese, flying from the winter.
That's what I should do, do, do...
Or become a sprinter,
and run away -
cause, we, are, through...

Events and celebrities

Step right up people and vote for your favorite disaster!
They are all corrupted so it doesn't really matter.

Distortion of Self

That's me,
designed to piss you off.
That's me,
alive and flipping you off.

Because of how the gallery is built, all albums and photos will share a common comment field for now. This may change in the future, as I continue developing the site.

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